Kashto Wabisabi -indian muslin | pure cotton product | hand crafted

Kashto is probably one of the cuddliest and the most unique fabric in the world. It is made of 3 layers of muslin which is a very fine, soft cotton fabric. The center of the 3 layers is normally printed or plain. Kashto originates from Nepal and now is made in India also. Soothing and soft, best both for babies and adults. Kashto gets cozier and softer after use. Our Kashto's are the snuggliest things you could get your hands on. They have this exceptional comforting warmth and calming effect, "the happy no reason at all" feel. We make blankets which are multipurpose they can be used as shawls or cover sheets. You can use them in summer or in winters. We will soon launch our bedroom collection which includes bed linen sets which have two pillows cases, bed sheets and a cover sheet/ duvet. Sets will be double and single. We will also have baby sets which include a sheet, cover sheet and a pillow case, and a clothes line which will include men, women and baby wear

Wabi Sabi does not translate easily. It means a quite kind of subdued beauty, something that is muted, simple and subtle. Japanese philosophy appreciates beauty in its natural flaws and imperfection. Wabi Sabi could be minimally processed, natural material. Always elegant, it is also of the belief that objects gain value through use and age. Loosely translated Wabi means simple and Sabi beauty of age and wear. Something that is unpretentious and connected to nature, Wabi also means understated elegance simplicity and freshness. Sabi is the beauty that comes with age that can be applied to human or natural objects.

Our products blended perfectly with this philosophy/ description and so Kashto WabiSabi!