About Us

Kashto Wabisabi is based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. We endeavour to deliver the highest quality of Kashto’s, which is originally a Nepalese technique of combining three fabrics to make a single piece. Kashtos can be used as shawls, throws, cover sheets or blankets. Our current and debut themes are both traditional chic and contemporary. A fine quality of muslin is used for layering. The block printing is done by the local highly skilled artists who have been printing for generations, an art which is dying as it requires high skills and a lot of time. Our products are hand crafted.

The process of block printing: The raw cloth which is bought from the local sources is hundred percent cotton, it is originally greyish in colour. After washing it is dyed and hung on bamboo frames to dry in the sun. Once that is done it is cut into even length. Heat and light of the sun gives it required depth and clarity to the designs and patterns.

          The wood blocks are made of certain types of wood only, which is free of knots and splinters and is light in weight. The wood is then seasoned and eventually chiselled. After which printing is done in a serene environment that ensures better concentration and speed. The colours used are pigment colours .. Once the printing is done, the fabric is cured to fix the colour which requires the cloth to pass through a process of heat many times. After which the fabric is tied up in bundles and steamed. By this process the colour is fixed and then dried in the sun. Sunlight eventually sets the dyes in. And finally the cloth is ironed and tailored according to requirements.

          Kashtos have been coveted and admired for a long time and appreciated specially by people who understand the finer nuances of colour and fabric, making Kashto truly a luxury accessory, which can be seriously addictive!